Wednesday, May 23, 2007


INCOMIN trial Avonex v. Betaseron 188 patients with RRMS , two years study, single blinding (patients were not blinded) 51 % of Betaseron patients were relapse free, v. 36 % of Avonex patients; 55 v. 26 % were free from new T2 lesions (favoring betaseron patients).

EVIDENCE-- Avonex v.Rebif-- 677 patients, outcome at 24 weeks, followed for 48 weeks, single blinded (like INCOMIN). The percentage of relapse free was 74.9 % for Rebif, 63 % for Avonex. There were more NABS in Rebif group and they did worse than the Rebif patients without NABS but better than the Avonex patients.

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