Sunday, December 02, 2007

injection reactions with morning injection

Individuals on interferon therapy often do their injections at night so that they can sleep through side effects, such as flu-like symptoms. However, a recent study suggests that injecting in the morning may minimize side effects.

German researchers conducted a study with 16 people who were just starting interferon therapy. Half were given injections at 8 a.m. and the other half at 6 p.m. Those who injected in the evening experienced more intense side effects than those who injected in the morning. The evening injectors also had a greater increase of cytokines (a protein involved in the immune response) like IL-6. After six months of treatment, however, all side effects and most of the blood chemistry changes ceased.

Investigators believe that natural fluctuations of hormones and cytokines over the course of the day and night affect the body's response to interferon injections. They suggest that anyone having a problem with side effects consider trying morning injections to see if that proves helpful.

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