Friday, July 02, 2010

MACFIMS- cognitive assessment for multiple sclerosis

Benedict R.  Minimal neuropsychological assessment of MS patients.  The Clinical Neuropsychologist 2002; 16:381-397.

Contains tests with alternate forms and test-retest capability. 

Processing speed/Working memory

Symbol Digit Modality Test (SDMT)  equally good as PASAT as standalone

Learning and Memory

Brief Visuospatia Memory Test- Revised

Executive Functions

D- Kefs Sorting Test- sorting cards, Trails, Tower, Design Fluency, Stroop

Visual perception/Spatial Processing

Judgment of Line Orientation


Verbal Fluency (COWAT)

Non Macfims-- office assessment
1 trial PASAT
Trails (public domain)
Mental control (days forward, backwards, serial 7's)
Cancellation test (public domain)

list learning, 10 common, easy, unrelated words, 3 trials, 20 minute delay with recognition trials (yes/no)


5-10 pictures use for each patient
COWAT equivalents (CFL, PRW, FAS)
semantic category fluency

Motor coordination/processing speed:
9 hole peg
Trails A
SDMT written and oral (public domain)


Multiple sclerosis neuropsychological questionnaire (Benedikt et al., 2004)
15 items, MSNQ

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