Monday, April 25, 2011

differential diagnosis of long segment myelopathy suggesting NMO

Compression/ spondylitic myelopathy-- pearl- check enhancing scan for signet ring sign 

zoster myelitis-- history of shingles

paraneoplastic-- history of cancer

infective-helminth-- prior "Wells" syndrome, with eosiniphilia

cord AVM- history of worsening with Vasalva, singing, defecation, also check blood sensitive sequences and MRA cord

Sjogren's-- controversial, check CSF NMO as well as serum

B12 deficiency-- posterior cord

copper deficiency-- also posterior cord

stroke-- can affect almost any part of cord

multiple sclerosis/transverse myelitis-- check brain MRI

GBS/CIDP-- may be difficult to differentiate clinically, check nerve roots for radiculitis on MRI

CMV radiculitis -- in immunocompromised


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