Monday, January 06, 2014

anti MOG antibodies phenotype in adults

  1. Angela Vincent, FRS. 
Myelin-oligodendrocyte glycoprotein antibodies in adults with a neuromyelitis optica phenotype Neurologyvol. 79 no. 12 1273-1277

Authors report one group of "seronegative NMO" of four patients with clinical symptoms mimicking NMO (LETM and ON) .  They call this a typically monophasic disorder more akin to Devic's than to NMO.  ON and TM may occur together, patients are more likely to be male and younger and have more favorable outcome.  Additionally, those with seropositive NMO did not have anti MOG.

Differential diagnosis of LETM includes NMO/NMOSD, anti MOG, ADEM and postinfectious.  Elsewhere Weinshenker advocates for cervical spondylosis/spinal stenosis being in differential (think signet ring MRI sign) also see other posts this blog 

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