Monday, June 02, 2014

Alochol protective against MS

Hedstrom AK, Hillert J, Olsson T et al.  Alcohol as a modifiable lifestyle factor affecting multiple sclerosis risk.  Jama Neurology 2014; 71: 300-305.
2 case control studies were combined looking at , in first, 745 cases and 1761 controls; and in the second 58 74 cases and 5246 controls.  There was a dose dependent inverse association between alocho consumption and risk of developing MS in both sexes.  Women with high etoh consumption had an odds ratio of 0.6, and men, 0.5 in EIMS, and was 0.7 in both sexes in GEMS.  Moreover the detrimental effect of smoking was higher among nondrinkers. 

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