Friday, November 07, 2008

Hits Ectrims 2007 HHV6, Vit D, Rebound

Marmocets who were injected with HHV6 got subpial inflammation and parenchymal demyelination, those who did not get injected did not get it. The suggested causal mechanism is CNS persistence of HHV6A and direct toxicity to cells, with resultant apoptosis.

_Genain CP et al.
Blogger note-- HHV6 is so ubiquitous in humans its impossible to study, as almost 95 % prevalence exists in human population

Vitamin D-Correale et al. In vitro, Vitamin D effects are very similar to interferons. 1,25 Vit D inhibits proliferation of CD4+ cells, enhances IL 10, decreases IL 6, increases number of CD4 and CD 25 regulatory cells.
Blogger notes-- amounts being studied in clinical trials are manifold higher than the amount available and are potentially extremely toxic. Also, vitamin d levels are of little use.

Stopping DMT: No rebound Bejaoui et al. Stopping ifn or GA did not result in more relapses than continuing therapy. Blogger notes--only one year followup was offered with no MRI evidence. What happens in year 2?

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