Sunday, November 09, 2008

Imaging studies at ECTRIMS 2007

Calabrese et al. Used double inversion recovery (DIR) sequences to assess cortical lesions over 24 months in rrms, found more cortical lesions in untreated patients.

Haacke et al. SWI (susceptibility weighted imaging) to detect/quantify tissue iron; on 1.5 T machine, 78/141 lesions were seen on SWI only in gray and white matter; on 3 T machine, 20 lesions were seen on SWI only (our of 90 lesions); on 4 T machine 45/116 lesions were seen on SWI only. Iron content found 47 higher than normal.

Kahn O. et al. B Cell response (CSF IgG index) correlates with gray matter atrophy in clinically aggressive disease.

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