Sunday, February 10, 2013

IRIS and Tysabri related PML

Tan IL, McArthur JC, Clifford DB, et al.  Immune reconstitution syndrome (IRIS) in natalizumab associated PML.  Neurology 2011; 77: 1061-1067

Patients in literature (42) were generally managed with discontinuation and PLEX/IA.   17 patients had contrast enhancement at time of discontinuation (early PML-IRIS) and 20 developed it later(late PML-IRIS).  load All patients developed IRIS.  Among early IRIS patients, JC virus load increased tenfold, among late IRIS patients, load increased  lesthan two fold.  All patients had worsening EDSS after discontinuation of natalizumab, but early IRIS patients did far worse. Mortality was about the same in early IRIS and late IRIS groups  20-30 %, slightly worse in early group.  Corticosteroid therapy was associated with better EDSS outcome/score.  

Conclusion:  PLEX may accelerate IRIS, corticosteroids may be beneficial and may require a larger study to confirm.

there are also 2 forms of IRIS in HIV literature
there is no effect of prior immunosuppression

mefloquine and mirtazepine did not seem to help although this was not purpose of study
adjuvant steroids help another iris like syndrome, TB meningitis in HIV negative patients that helps survival.

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