Monday, June 17, 2013

Pearls Frohman's talk on symptom management AAN 2013

1.  70 % of MS patients have impaired sweating, or delayed sweating.  This complicates efforts to manage heat intolerance.
2.   Pulfrich's sign after optic neuritis is very common and can present as dizziness or sensation of discomfort with moving cars, roller coasters, etc.  It is easily treatable with tinted lenses.
3.   Uhtoff's sign and L;Hermitte's sign each have many and varied analogues in systems throughout the body besides just the visual and c spine areas.
4.  Calls "MS hug" the "anaconda sign"
5.  Beware of infections in MS patients, compare temperature against their true baseline temp.  If they run 97 degrees, then 98.2 can represent a fever and an infection.
6.  Reverse Uhtoff's occurs when MS patients are sensitive to cold temperatures.
7.  Bronson's vitamins, available online are effective in some patients with fatigue and contain carnitine
8.  Before prescribing anticholinergics, check a PVR if high check for pelvic floor abnormalities, allow patients to double and triple urinate if needed to relax and get the number down.

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