Sunday, May 28, 2017

Pearls on non MS demyelinating disease in kids

1.  CRION is rare in children is steroid dependent optic neuritis, relapse off steroids

2.  One presenter stated that ON + TM presentation "Devics presentation" has been MOG in "all cases she has seen"

3.  Pediatric NMO has more brain lesions

4.  4 MOG phenotypes in kids:  a.  Recurrent ADEM   b.  recurrent ON   c.  ADEM followed by ON   d.  NMOSD with MOG positive serology rather than Aquaphorin 4 positive

5.  No cases of simultaneous MOG positive and MS

6.  MOG has female predominance 1.5:1 and mean age of onset of 21

7.  MOG respods best to IVIG not Rituxan; has 20 % rate of relapses but they are bad relapses.

Source 2017 Consortium session on pediatric MS

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