Saturday, May 15, 2010

New MRI Montalban criteria for diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

Neurology 2010; 74: 427-434.  called MAGNIMS proposal

* An MRI at any time showing dissemination in space (DIS) and showing 1 or more asymptomatic lesions enhancing and nonenhancing thus meeting criteria for dissemination in time (DIT) is sufficient to diagnose MS

*  An MRI showing DIS but without enhancing lesions, or with all lesions enhancing (thus no DIT), would require a new MRI to demonstrate additional lesions

*  An MRI at any time showing lesions but not DIT or DIS requires new MRI's

One DIS criterion: need one or more asymptomatic lesions in 2 of 4 locations considered characteristic for MS: juxtacortical (JC), periventricular (PV), infratentorial (IT), and spinal cord (SC).

Two DIT criteria:  1)  presence of one or more enhancing and nonenhancing lesions irrespective of the time of the scan and 2) presence of a new T2 and/or Gd+ lesion compared to a previous scan, irrespective of the time of the scan

The above apply only to those with CIS, ie symptomatic patients. 

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