Sunday, May 16, 2010

Q & A AAN 2010

1.  possible association of seminoma and demyelination disorder
2.  dural av fistula lesions identified by stepwise progression and involvement of conus, angiography can miss it
3.  Rabies case of Weinshenker-- rabies is increasing in bat population, catch the bat, give everyone a shot even if they don't have a bite, only have a week or so to get a shot
4.  NMO CSF may be positive with negative serum studies, but is rare.  Antibody arises in blood and leaks into CSF, does not get produced in CSF.  Could be a question of CSF is cleaner with less noise of other antibodies in blood interfering with test.
5.  Persistent black holes at onset is a good sign of non-ADEM; rarely if ever seen all enhancing lesions with ADEM more common to see none of lesions enhance.

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